Communication is an imperative, in order to inform, share, engage or entertain…
The power of visual media makes it so much easier!
We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words!”, creating visual content is very demanding.
Here comes ScribeTalk®.

What is a ScribeTalk?

We are a team of experienced professionals with a strong know-how in the fields of graphic and video facilitation, visual design and communication.

Lead by the graphic facilitator Viviana Gozzi, we work with you from concept to broadcasting.
We make our technological, communication and artistic skills available to you.

We have developed a range of products & services, starting from basic for smaller budgets to the most sophisticated for the most complex needs.

Innovation is our guiding light and every time a new challenge arises, we are enthusiast find solutions.
We help you draw your message into something entertaining, simple and impactful.

How? We codesign!

Codesign is the ground of our production process and client relationship.

This know-how differentiates us from competitors, and allows us to keep very constrained delivery delays, low prices, and to create each time an exclusive final product, fully owned by the client.

Concretely, what’s the process?

Every step is accelerated. Thanks to a one-day codesign workshop we facilitate sharing of ideas and intents with an open and creative spirit. This fast iterative process allows us to create a storyboard together and decide for the final delivery format.

Furthermore, it allows to drastically reduce production time and risks of laborious round validations.

ScribeTalk® is innovative.

And it’s also human-centered, fun, creative, result-driven.

ScribeTalk® processes & products are certified by Codesign-it!, acknowledging their collaborative & sustainable excellence.

A robust experience…

Tens of ScribeTalk® videos in many different languages created with AirFrance, Chanel, GDF Suez (Engie), L’Oreal, French Government (France Université Numérique), Sanofi, Paris Métropole, Société Générale, Covea, Capgemini Consulting, Lafarge, Celgene, AXA, Fivory…

It will be a pleasure to meet you.